Network Security Engineer

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Job Details:

Provide Consultancy for Network Security Solutions Design and Implementation. Delivery related to mainly Oil&Gas, Petrochemical Customers and involves : Cyber Security Architecture Design Cyber Security Infrastructure Upgrades Vulnerability and Risks Assessment Cyber Security Audit & Compliance Information Security Policies Implementation Backup and Disaster Recovery Management A network security engineer does a multi-faceted occupation in the ever-growing cyber battlefront of a computer network.

Out of their job spectrum following are the most important responsibilities performed by them:

Maintaining LAN, WLAN, Security systems, CCTV, PAGA, ELV and architecture of the server as per the business policy As a precautionary measure, analyze and implement new security protocols for greater efficiency against any threat or malfunctions Secured the whole oil & gas refineries by configuring any of Cisco, NEC, Juniper, Fortinet based on client requirements

CCIE Certification is a must.

To Apply:

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