Systems Engineer

Location: Saudi Arabia

Job Details:

Responsible for Designing, Installation, Testing and Commissioning and maintenance of security Systems such as CCTV; Access Control; Intrusion Detection & Assessment System (IDAS),. Access Control System (SACS) HCIS (Higher Commission of Industrial Security) Security inspection, site survey and evaluation. Responsible for evaluation of integrated electronic security systems projects for many plants included CCTV, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, site access, barriers, data and voice communications to ensure the compliance of these systems to the functional and technical requirements issued by the high commission for industrial security. Responsible for updating and modifying safety and security directives. Responsible for project assessments, in terms of safety and security directives. Create detailed specification / bill of materials / Compliance statement / Technical Submittals Read and understand RFQ, RFP, Specification documents etc. to develop competitive Bid

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